Bodypsalm for Existence

Posted in BODYPSALMS, LINKS on April 28th, 2020 by Celeste

Artwork – “Shift in Direction” by Dobee Snowber

In a time of distancing
retreat to the interior
wake to existence
imbued with birdsong.

Underneath the visible
lies a wellspring of reserve
bordering the invisible.

Drink the nectar
sweet liquid of the infinite
where the soul can blossom.

Even in the midst of sorrow
inside our deepest yearnings
we are pollinated by love.

Imperfect prayers
nested in the body
are a portal to the holy.

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Bodypsalm for Solitude

Posted in BODYPSALMS on November 26th, 2012 by Celeste

Burst 2 – Behind Closed Door Series  Artwork by Dobee Snowber

 Sip the sweetness

of your own solitude

a communion with yourself

in the season given to you

 a mist sings over your limbs

softening your joints

releasing fluid between your bones

here is the oil to tenderize

demands and responsibilities

 what some may perceieve

as loneliness is the invitation

for a rare union –

 the fragrance of silence

bringing space in the spine

undergirding each turning

in the fall of your life

revealing heart’s yearning.

 Be embraced

through   a l o n e n e s s

the door to the inside

and secret passage

to the Beloved

and entrance to the home

of being loved

& being love.


in the nest

of your inner habitat

and find your deep nature

greeting you.



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Bodypsalm for Thirst

Posted in BODYPSALMS, Videos on August 23rd, 2010 by Celeste

Notice the texture
of your own yearning
listen for its tone
its shape, the circular
feel of how you are called
back again and again
to its mouth

The inner waters beckon you
they have as much expanse
as the open sea you adore
Be/loved in the breath
which holds you in an embrace
and waits as a patient lover

Rest you anxious one
and find home
in the elements within and without
wind, ocean, stone and sky
reach towards you
as your skin touches
the lip of creation

Listen for the stillness
in the gestures of your heart
and let your belly
usher you into the
crevices of your wisdom

Embrace shadow and light
both reside within you
they are partners in a dance
and form the constellations
of your inner landscape

Trust the salt of your own life
and know paradox is at your feet
and stars of wonder
release from your palms

Tread softly on the terrain
of this journey of being human
and return home
to the thirst within you
it is drawing you always
to the reservoir
where you can drink
oceans of love
and each small movement
is an invitation
to letting BE

Take these morsels
which are given
these are your wings
from which you stand
and which you rise.

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