Bodypsalm for Financial Worries

Posted in BODYPSALMS on November 8th, 2010 by Celeste

Go back to your priorities.
Don’t focus on the resources you don’t have.
Focus on the creative unfolding.
Nourish this every day.
Tend it as a newly born child.
Sometimes you have to go back again and give your self
the milk of what lies within you – the heart of wider love.
Accessing this love is a continual exercise in daily compassion
And most of all – be gentle with all your decisions.
You have done the best you can with the limits you have had.
Now is the time to have grace towards all your limits.
This is the time to trust in the One
larger than yourself and more importantly –
than in your own circumstances that seem insurmountable.
They are just details, not larger than
what can be accomplished by you compared to the ant.
When you keep focusing on the problem you get the problem magnified.
It is time to focus on the wonder.
Wonder begets wonder.
You are rich in experience, friendships, and surrounded by love
not to mention the muted light caressing the ground beneath you
You might not have planted maples, oaks or cedars
but they are rising from the earth wherever you peek.
You don’t always have to plant the seed to savor its beauty.
You have planted other seeds –
nourishing others with the seeds of imagination.
Sprout outrageously
has been your method of teaching and it is contagious.
These wonders do not reveal themselves in monetary value
releasing you from financial worries.
You have planted joy and there is not a price on joy.
It reproduces as a wild orchid growing on the side of the road.
There are such flowers of wild untamed beauty
Remember this:
It is in the noticing where the extraordinary life lies.

Celeste Snowber
March 27, 2009

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