Bodypsalm for Winter Solstice

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by Dobee Snowber

   “The queen’s chair” by Dobee Snowber


Sit on the mat
of your own imperfections
constellations of longing
brew beneath winter
the ripe darkness


You are not separate
from the earth’s spinning
she is within your cells
calling forth tenderness
from tissues of vulnerability


Listen in the shadow
embrace the disruptions
attend in the unknown
here is a companion

The stars of your own turning.




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Bodypsalm for Mother’s Day

Posted in BODYPSALMS on May 8th, 2011 by Celeste
Artwork by Dobee Snowber

“Harmonic Clash”  by Dobee Snowber

Mothering is part of us  –
being mothers, daughters or sons or
thinking or thanking
thinking about mother issues,
or living in the land of thanks
where mother’s have given us
a garden to grow in.

there can be rocks
in the landscape of mothering
and incredible wonder
arising from the mystery of life
the deep privilege to walk with another
to love and be loved

this is the flesh of intimacy
an intimacy of flesh
a closeness with muscles on it
and whether we are physically mothers
or have mothers, or are spiritual mothers
we are invited

into the great sea of mothering ourselves
finding compassion for each part of us
to love ourselves with a mother’s love
reclaiming the delicious place of vulnerability

so go now –
give yourself what you crave
fire or gentleness
passion or rest
rejuvenation or respiration

tread softly
in your journey
and know this:
the divine feminine
is beneath your feet
and loving you
with the whispers of stars.

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