Bodypsalm for Alchemy of a Life

Posted in BODYPSALMS, LINKS on March 31st, 2012 by Celeste

You are being shaped into a rare color
greens, ultramarines, golds, and ambers
the shards of your own life
are sculpting you through the raw
elements of change, loss, and surprise
you are being tussled for a purpose
being rounded for beauty

Don’t look for symmetry
let asymmetry guide you
only in brokenness does the light
illuminate to brilliance radiating
inside you as alchemy

Look how you love the shapes and hues of
weathered sea glass
and throw back to the sea
ones which are not ready
as wind, water, salt and waves
create new pieces out of broken glass
you are being recreated
for luminosity and lightness

The practice of attending
has its own slowness
and relentless tenderness
softening you from the inside out –
be the compassion
on all the changes you incur
and let the colors of your heart
transform into shades of lavender and green

May creation have its way with you
through all that is unpredictable
and rest in the tides
of a waterway
guiding you to the shoreline
of a new life.

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