Bodypsalm for Christmas

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Be dressed in the presence
of Christ within you
however you believe
or articulate your place on earth
and connection to the numinous
may this season of craziness
where everything one values
is turned upside down –
return to what matters


into the space

of incarnation
where word became flesh
and dwelt among you
and in you

the light within you
is greater than any shadow
even though you and I as babes
were formed in the dark of the womb
we are born into light

May this season
uncover tiny spaces
to be clothed once again
in the wider knowing
you shine from the inside out
and are held from the inside out

in emptying is fullness
and small gestures of kindness
and your presence
is Christmas gone wild

here is the fierce beauty
romancing you
to peace.

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Bodypsalm for the Holidays

Posted in BODYPSALMS on December 18th, 2010 by Celeste

ari's ptg 5

Painting by Ari Mensurian

Remember each day is a hol(y)day
a place to recall presence
no day is more special than another
but you can breathe into each day differently
remember the simple things – a deep breath into all your cells,
the gorgeous limb of one branch, a place of connection
between a friend or a stranger.

The art of life comes to you everyday, unfolding from its skin
and asks for a greeting.
welcome the unexpected
and have compassion on the expected.
Live with bold colors from a place of still silence.

Come back to quiet
may the inside of your body be a zen garden
nap daily, for sleep is the sustenance of surrender
remember beauty walks before you
take incremental steps, even backward steps towards wonder.

Know you will not get everything done, said,
written, wrapped, made or thought of
celebrate incompletion and know that can be enough
make peace with the cracks and interruptions
for they are echoes of the divine.

Greet the ordinary with fresh eyes,
here is the fragrance of a day set apart
know you are held in a wider embrace
let the natural world hold you and give in to the weather
here you are called back to release.

Bare beauty on the back of December
and lend yourself to rest
sip small beginnings of calling yourself and
those around you to the juice of joy
and drink from your own deep well
and spill when necessary.

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