Bodypsalm for compassion

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"Firefall" by Dobee Snowber“Firefall” by Dobee Snowber

And in all this ~
shadows and light still dapple
in the sky, the river
keeps going, effortlessly
faithful to its source
and destination

so how can you and I
keep on our path
stay true to our original question
the call to be deeply alive
responsive to what is given
on this exquisite planet
in such difficult times
fraught with destruction and disaster

so choose YES
to what we deeply know
embedded in our cells
there is a soft sky within us
glimmering with colour
may it rise to the surface
and echo com/passion
with passion, being with all
held in the sentences of our skin.

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Bodypsalm for Lifelines

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hanging by a thread  12x12

“Hanging by a Thread” by Dobee Snowber

Follow the threads of your life

which announce joy

a deep resonance

for who you were meant to be

when every bone, tissue, cell and fibre

of your being

says YES all over again

to why you are here

what you are meant for

It can be simple as a gesture of love

or a glance at a falling leaf

or a pen to page

or limb to dance

Follow the small and large visions

placed in your heart

burning in your skin

the subtle impulses

and bold pulls of what you are called to

Let your deep gladness make friends

with the world’s ache

and never forget what calls you to joy

These are the lifelines

not the deadlines which seduce

but the lines which wait for you

as a patient lover

always hoping you will be drawn

back to the passion

of your dreams

Each thread is a line, a curve, a map

to your delicious life

that wants to be lived

through you.

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