Bodypsalm for Empty Nests

Posted in BODYPSALMS on April 18th, 2011 by Celeste

You have given them roots
and they have taken wings
now it is your time to re-root
make room for your body
dive into the soil you need
nourish back again what beckons

you have held up the world
for a l o n g time
the cosmos of children
traversing each glorious stage of life
and it is not over
there are many stages to still come

Now is the time
for you to not hold but
in the arms of a larger love
one which has infused you
all along, but asks
to carry you into the
land of the blank page

these are fresh practices for your soul
s h e d d i n g
all that holds you back
disappointments or lost expectations
journey to the country of no regret

this is the time of
the massive decluttering
recycle your life with a clearing
there is more unwanted
paper, plastic, clothing, pots, mugs
broken objects, books, old computers
to build a landfill

Choose only what you need for the journey
be on a mission of emptying
and cease from replacing what you let go of
This is a season of de-cumulating
you are being called to a quiet elation.

You will go through
many emotions as you ponder
objects which symbolize
the last decades and
now you can hear the bone truth –

nothing can be taken with you
and leave only love
the pristine tenderness
of unfettered joy
a scent of lavender
wrapped in blue and orange
to those you touch.

It is called empty nest
but it is a time for you
to make a reprieve
in the new passage before you.

You will not know
where this will lead
but know this:

it will invoke
not only a clearing of material things
but a clearing of the heart
an invitation to the deep softening
a time to not hold
but Be-held
in the one who has
known you from the beginning.

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Bodypsalm for the New Year

Posted in BODYPSALMS on January 4th, 2011 by Celeste

Out Any Window                            Dobee Snowber


The New Year is not outside you
inside is a thousand new years
built of syllables and sentences
of a new way of seeing

It is not the weight on your body you need to lose
but the thoughts which carry far more gravity
than any pounds or kilos of extra flesh
you are being called
to a flesh of heart – a heart of flesh
where body, mind & soul
usher you to a season of compassion

for everything and everyone
you could imagine or not imagine
your own unmet expectations and judgements
unfinished projects and dashed hopes
your untidy home or heart

Now is the time to eat and drink
the small beauties within and beyond you
become wide awake to the life you are in
so take off your socks or put on your socks
and step into this New Year
with the only life you have.

Live the glorious imperfect.


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