Bodypsalm for breakups and breakthroughs

Posted in BODYPSALMS on September 28th, 2012 by Celeste

from Strategies for Surviving series by Dobee Snowber

Release yourself to this new life

Invite in more deeply those you love

Build more community out of those you know

Be sustained by color

Know what you have

Take comfort where it comes for you

Be true to your core

Be at peace – all things work together

Let your angels guide you.

Know you are not alone

Cherish the ones you love

Be all your vibrancy and all your bigness

Live wildly with tenderness

Celebrate your own sensuousness

Drink in oceans of love

Know this is a different country you are coming to

Keep rooting yourself in the earth and reaching for spirit

both run through you

Don’t worry about all the details

Live as the arbutus tree

let your skin shed in its season

and let each season b e

Let the grief pass through you – it will pass

Return each day to your center

and live from the greater LOVE within you.

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Bodypsalm for small rebirths

Posted in BODYPSALMS on July 2nd, 2012 by Celeste

You have been struggling in the mud

through the soil of your own life

whether it is disappointment, loss, letting go

or the passage of loved ones to the next realm


You are blooming over an eternal season

shooting up from the swamp of circumstance

and petals rising

pristine and clear

from the leaves of your own heart

You keep waiting for the Big Rebirth

but in reality it is a series

of small rebirths

tiny flowers

claiming the space within you

Take note

behold small beauties

of how you glisten

and loosen to what grows

inside your new garden

You are becoming a lotus

in due time

but the lotus cannot see itself

you too cannot always see

the extravagant arising

Take heart

for here in the muck

are the seeds

for your new life.

Bodypsalm for Transformation

Posted in LINKS on May 22nd, 2012 by Celeste

Art Work by Dobee Snowber

You have more attachment to the idea
of how you think your life should proceed
or how you perceive
the relationship, project, family, or vocation
to be lived out
than you comprehend.

Observe what inspires you
can also inhibit you
in sustaining a flexible stance
to the art of shifting and shedding
changing and transforming
what your life is calling forth.

Have the vision
and LET Go!
No matter how many times
you cook a pasta dish
it comes out a little different each time
so will your own plans
for your life.

Be astonished
by your own journey!
Don’t judge
the appearance of things
it is only the surface of the dream.

The texture of deep nature
can be disguised
and requires the elements of
time, space, patience and compassion
to soften into the life
that wants to be lived in you.

It is time to
let your inner critic
take a vacation
and give monkey mind a rest.


How would you see your own life
if you didn’t make a judgment?
What if the inner critic diminished and
let life play out as it will?

M e t a m o r p h o s i s
is in the pattern of everything.
If the caterpillar judged the form it was in
how could a crawling creature
dare to become a butterfly?

Each stage is necessary
you are right where you belong
stay there long enough
for the natural evolution
of your own inner guidance to emerge.

There is a dance in gui/dance
and it comprises many movements
the contraction and release of creation
of the natural world
and your inner world
they are connected.

Both work hand in hand
foot to foot
to both stabilize and shake
your own plans and path.

Wait for the arrival
of quiet gratitude
to replace the anxiousness in your throat
and the soft belly of transformation
will rise through the bones of dormancy
and the muscles of the possible will awaken

is the sanctuary of small miracles
and this is your life.

Bodypsalm for an Easter Life

Posted in BODYPSALMS on April 8th, 2012 by Celeste
"Kick to the Left" by Dobee Snowber

“Kick to the Left” by Dobee Snowber

Bodypsalm for Raw Joy

Don’t look for Easter outside you
it is within you
the outrageous birth of new life
is inside, under the ground
erupting through your body
enlivening your tissues

Resurrection is not a restricted zone
it is the lungs of your life
you are birthed anew each day
Easter celebrates the resurrection of Christ
this is not a one-time event
but breathes inside you each moment
spring asks
to look within and
pay attention to Spirit

Look at the faithfulness of new growth
even in the midst of a world
aching with troubles and tribulations
ecological cries and the haunts of war
the plants and trees still bud
the call to new life
p e r s i s t s

You live in a riparian zone
between the worlds
of earth and heaven
the gift of life in this body
beckons you to
an easter life
where you feed
on raw joy.


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Bodypsalm for Alchemy of a Life

Posted in BODYPSALMS, LINKS on March 31st, 2012 by Celeste

You are being shaped into a rare color
greens, ultramarines, golds, and ambers
the shards of your own life
are sculpting you through the raw
elements of change, loss, and surprise
you are being tussled for a purpose
being rounded for beauty

Don’t look for symmetry
let asymmetry guide you
only in brokenness does the light
illuminate to brilliance radiating
inside you as alchemy

Look how you love the shapes and hues of
weathered sea glass
and throw back to the sea
ones which are not ready
as wind, water, salt and waves
create new pieces out of broken glass
you are being recreated
for luminosity and lightness

The practice of attending
has its own slowness
and relentless tenderness
softening you from the inside out –
be the compassion
on all the changes you incur
and let the colors of your heart
transform into shades of lavender and green

May creation have its way with you
through all that is unpredictable
and rest in the tides
of a waterway
guiding you to the shoreline
of a new life.

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Bodypsalm for Tasting Life to the Full

Posted in BODYPSALMS on January 24th, 2012 by Celeste

pom 1

What will happen
when the end of your world comes?
Will you say you breathed
enough air into your deep
lungs, expanding your chest
from the outside in and
peeled back enough layers
skins of roses and eggplant
squash and succulents
and tasted life to the full?

No one will remember
that you didn’t get the project done
or you didn’t meet the deadline
or there was a stain on your pants,
shirt, or flesh for that matter.

It is not just the roses
you were invited to smell
but every scent alive
sniffing out wonder in the rain
when day turns to dusk
and you know all too well that your pores
cry out for moisture
in so many ways beyond
washing your face

and the apples in the backyards of your childhood
have long been replaced
by concrete from another era
on that day when life comes to a close
where will your heart be
and will you have tasted
the unquestionable delight
of just being human?

pom 2

Here on this lush planet
you are beckoned to respond
to the ingredients of creation
an ongoing meal

Come. Play. Dance. See.
Touch the wide sky and
notice the smallest bud
and your child within
unravel your cares
and do the only thing you can.

O P E N.

Bodypsalm for Winter Solstice

Posted in BODYPSALMS on December 21st, 2011 by Celeste


Behold the slow turning of light
the reversal of sun
presence in winter sky
has precise timing
in relation to earth, moon, stars
and all you inhabit.

You have a sky within you
waiting to be found
the still expanse –
listen, touch and dwell
to the great silence
return to the season of darkness

Solstice beckons you to receive
the embrace of stars planted
in your cells and tissues
and all you love

Know the sun comes closer
dancing you through
shadow and luminosity
bend into the light
even partially
for the hidden is growing within you
through the spinning
of your own heart.

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Bodypsalm for Lemon & Ginger

Posted in BODYPSALMS, LINKS on December 7th, 2011 by Celeste
Artwork by Dobee Snowber

Artwork “Cameo” by Dobee Snowber

give in to the weight of your body
let slowness seep into you
tiredness wash over you
till the call of rest
clothes you in a garment of releasing
into sweet fragility

the deadlines will wait
sip lifelines as your tonic
sink into cushions, couches,  beds –
everything that is supple and soft

hot lemon and ginger
is not only for your cold and flu
but to warm the soul
feeding your being with the fluids of grace

give in to not concentrating and accomplishing
taste the silence of an afternoon at home
where the one bird on the rooftop
speaks in a voice
that only stopping can comprehend

you are called to not only
restore your physical immune system
but the immune system of spirit
where the still small voice
within you is clear and radiant
once again.

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Bodypsalm for the place of in-between

Posted in LINKS on October 22nd, 2011 by Celeste

you live in the place
where you are home
and not at home – in this world
and not of this world. This is the state of
being human, for we come from somewhere,
we live in the where, and we don’t know
where we are going

we are in the state of travelling
the province of traversing,
whether you step on a plane
or go on a trip, our lives are a continual
trip from one point to another
and this is not pointless

for it is the place of in-between
where the ripeness lies

the heart lies open to be discovered
over and over again
peeled back as the fresh apple

you are being called to be peeled back
be under the skin and let the skin off
and celebrate the spaces in your life
where you are caught in between

between health and unhealthy
between singleness and coupledom
between employment and unemployment
between peace and hesitation

it is all the journey
and this is what we were made for
we are constantly wanting to arrive
yet arrival happened as soon as
you departed from your mother’s womb
and you have also been departing
since you arrived

embrace the trip of your own
exquisite life, as only you know.

Bodypsalm for Bodyrest

Posted in BODYPSALMS on August 23rd, 2011 by Celeste

Reach by Dobee Snowber

You have gone through
a massive shift, your body is calling
you to bodyrest
 time to take in support
beneath your feet
encompass your world
from every small and large place –
friends, family, beloveds,
practitioners: medical and alternative
and the wider embrace of the divine
 the great Love.

We are each called to surrender
to change
 inhabit your bodyspirit
for strength runs through the ruptures
builds from the bends – of life transitions

Now is the time to lean
into the love that is with you
let your body receive
a transfusion of beginnings
here in the invitation

to a new chapter of health
altered from before
an honored passage to a season of clarity
where you will

be free to archive the beauty of your life
 venture into the dawn of desire within
your loss will be your entrance
to a new way of being.

Drink in the support of care

trust  in the landscape of your own heart
beckoning you
to the shore of wellness
breathing you from the inside out

and most of all –

be patient towards all that is not known
rest your head in the pillow of comfort
where you are held
from a much deeper place

and know your pain is stitching you to healing
where you are being
re-created to enter
the magnificence of your own life.

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