Bodypsalm for Christmas

Be dressed in the presence
of Christ within you
however you believe
or articulate your place on earth
and connection to the numinous
may this season of craziness
where everything one values
is turned upside down –
return to what matters


into the space

of incarnation
where word became flesh
and dwelt among you
and in you

the light within you
is greater than any shadow
even though you and I as babes
were formed in the dark of the womb
we are born into light

May this season
uncover tiny spaces
to be clothed once again
in the wider knowing
you shine from the inside out
and are held from the inside out

in emptying is fullness
and small gestures of kindness
and your presence
is Christmas gone wild

here is the fierce beauty
romancing you
to peace.

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20 Responses to “Bodypsalm for Christmas”

  1. Susan McCaslin Says:

    This is beautiful. You need to publish a book of these body psalms. Ask Daniela if she has any ideas.

  2. rebecca Says:

    Thank you for your fierce beauty and divine light. Celste- an angel in the snowy Christmas sky.

  3. Barbara Says:

    A friend passed this on to me and it touched my deeply. It made my day. Thank you

  4. Carolyn Kenny Says:

    So wonder-full, Celeste. This brings both beauty and peace at this time for us. Thanks!

  5. Celeste Says:

    you are very welcome…so glad it touched you. Celeste

  6. Celeste Says:

    thanks Carolyn, you are always so responsive with your full heart!!

  7. Celeste Says:

    you are very welcome dear Rebecca….we are angels for one another!!

  8. Celeste Says:

    Thanks Susan…its pretty difficult to get poetry published period, as you know…that is my hope, but
    for now, I’ll just put it out here!!

  9. Jacqueline Says:

    Thank you Celeste for sharing this. Your words are always encouraging. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  10. Celeste Says:

    you are very welcome dear Jacqueline…and may your holidays be rejuvenating and full of wonder!!!!

  11. Belinda Says:

    It is familiar. and nurturing. Thank you for sharing your fierce beauty.

  12. Celeste Says:

    and you are fierce beauty as well dear Belinda..thanks!!

  13. Indrani Says:

    Stunning, evoacative, uplifting.
    At once, transcending borders and inviting acceptance of borders
    that contain/inspire a release of the fierce fire within to singe into ashes so we may rise up as the Pheonix.

    thank you for your unending evocative beauty,
    In joy and love

  14. Lucas Says:

    Such a sweet offering this is, thank you. I am so proud that your are my Mom!

  15. Celeste Says:

    thanks Indrani, for your deep openness…and you embody unending evocative beauty as well!!
    warmth and love to you

  16. Celeste Says:

    and my dear Lucas, am so proud to be your mom…gives me deep pleasure you enjoy the bodypsalm!!! LOve to you!

  17. Lorna Says:

    Thank you, Celeste,
    I read this beautiful poem just after leaving my Dad’s home in the spectacle of snowflakes falling silently. Just precious.
    Happy New Year is what it all must mean.
    Be peaceful, Celeste,

  18. Celeste Says:

    thanks so much Lorna…may you find beauty and peace in the new year!!!

  19. Aunt Eleanor & Clare Says:

    thank you for your poetry and grace……your mother and dad would have thought this all was marvelous… we do

  20. Celeste Says:

    you are so dearly welcome, gives me pleasure that it touches you..and yes, it is lovely
    to think of Frank and Grace enjoying them….their lives continue to inspire me…love to you both!!

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