Bodypsalm for Transformation

Art Work by Dobee Snowber

You have more attachment to the idea
of how you think your life should proceed
or how you perceive
the relationship, project, family, or vocation
to be lived out
than you comprehend.

Observe what inspires you
can also inhibit you
in sustaining a flexible stance
to the art of shifting and shedding
changing and transforming
what your life is calling forth.

Have the vision
and LET Go!
No matter how many times
you cook a pasta dish
it comes out a little different each time
so will your own plans
for your life.

Be astonished
by your own journey!
Don’t judge
the appearance of things
it is only the surface of the dream.

The texture of deep nature
can be disguised
and requires the elements of
time, space, patience and compassion
to soften into the life
that wants to be lived in you.

It is time to
let your inner critic
take a vacation
and give monkey mind a rest.


How would you see your own life
if you didn’t make a judgment?
What if the inner critic diminished and
let life play out as it will?

M e t a m o r p h o s i s
is in the pattern of everything.
If the caterpillar judged the form it was in
how could a crawling creature
dare to become a butterfly?

Each stage is necessary
you are right where you belong
stay there long enough
for the natural evolution
of your own inner guidance to emerge.

There is a dance in gui/dance
and it comprises many movements
the contraction and release of creation
of the natural world
and your inner world
they are connected.

Both work hand in hand
foot to foot
to both stabilize and shake
your own plans and path.

Wait for the arrival
of quiet gratitude
to replace the anxiousness in your throat
and the soft belly of transformation
will rise through the bones of dormancy
and the muscles of the possible will awaken

is the sanctuary of small miracles
and this is your life.

2 Responses to “Bodypsalm for Transformation”

  1. Sahara Dezeray Says:

    The bloom of life opens into the dawn of understanding
    Each petal mirrors the souls thirst for water
    To be quenched is to be wakened from a dream
    The dream now forgotten, the soul soars like an eagle
    flying high in the sky

  2. Celeste Says:

    beautiful Sahara…sounds like a song starting..sing it!!!

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