Bodypsalm for the place of in-between

you live in the place
where you are home
and not at home – in this world
and not of this world. This is the state of
being human, for we come from somewhere,
we live in the where, and we don’t know
where we are going

we are in the state of travelling
the province of traversing,
whether you step on a plane
or go on a trip, our lives are a continual
trip from one point to another
and this is not pointless

for it is the place of in-between
where the ripeness lies

the heart lies open to be discovered
over and over again
peeled back as the fresh apple

you are being called to be peeled back
be under the skin and let the skin off
and celebrate the spaces in your life
where you are caught in between

between health and unhealthy
between singleness and coupledom
between employment and unemployment
between peace and hesitation

it is all the journey
and this is what we were made for
we are constantly wanting to arrive
yet arrival happened as soon as
you departed from your mother’s womb
and you have also been departing
since you arrived

embrace the trip of your own
exquisite life, as only you know.