Bodypsalm for Bodyrest

Reach by Dobee Snowber

You have gone through
a massive shift, your body is calling
you to bodyrest
 time to take in support
beneath your feet
encompass your world
from every small and large place –
friends, family, beloveds,
practitioners: medical and alternative
and the wider embrace of the divine
 the great Love.

We are each called to surrender
to change
 inhabit your bodyspirit
for strength runs through the ruptures
builds from the bends – of life transitions

Now is the time to lean
into the love that is with you
let your body receive
a transfusion of beginnings
here in the invitation

to a new chapter of health
altered from before
an honored passage to a season of clarity
where you will

be free to archive the beauty of your life
 venture into the dawn of desire within
your loss will be your entrance
to a new way of being.

Drink in the support of care

trust  in the landscape of your own heart
beckoning you
to the shore of wellness
breathing you from the inside out

and most of all –

be patient towards all that is not known
rest your head in the pillow of comfort
where you are held
from a much deeper place

and know your pain is stitching you to healing
where you are being
re-created to enter
the magnificence of your own life.

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