Bodypsalm for Waiting

dsnowber waitingAFTER GLOW by Dobee Snowber

Even when we don’t desire it God is ripening.  Rilke

There are many seasons
each has its own texture of waiting
when the season arrives you know

When the rains or first snow descends
you do not look for
your bathing suit or take out
the box of gloves and winter hats
when the burning sun reveals her face

It just is – and all the waiting
for the season does not
help its commencement
it is a quiet knowing
the state of weather changes

So it is with the art of waiting
a long arc of patience
fueled from within
the well of not knowing
a resting in the unknown
trusting in the timing
for all ripenings.

You cannot rush the tomato’s growth
if  picked before its time
the bold red juice will not split open
surrender to the duration of your own  growth

Not all things grow in the same time or cycle
nor does any human being grow in the same fashion
physically or inwardly
There are some seasons in life
that have made their way with you
and others you are still living

in the in-between of waiting
is a fertile riparian zone
an edge which is the center

When one ripening comes
another will need to come
waves of birth, death and renewal.

Relationships too have their own timing
of comings and goings, but always
it is about your own ripening
that Beloved is concerned with.

Trust in your own inner journey
know your soul is being wooed to the depths

 Embrace the rhythm of your own spiritual path
the advent of waiting is an avenue for joy
and patience is a return to
a long inward glance of the great silence
which holds all things.

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6 Responses to “Bodypsalm for Waiting”

  1. Christy Says:

    Hi Celeste! I really liked this one and could identify with much of the imagery. So often in my life I’ve felt like I’ve been in the “in-between” time (we call it ‘the wood between the worlds’). Good to hear your thoughts.


  2. Jana Says:

    I’m happy for your ripening, oh, the Pele of the Academe!

  3. Melissa Says:

    Congratulations your this beautiful blog site, Celeste! Thank You! And thanks so much for this poem… I’ve recently started working as a Bereavement Coordinator at a hospice and am planning on using a lot of poetry. I think this could be a gorgeous poem to share with those who are grieving.

  4. Kimberly Dark Says:

    Thanks Celeste – such wise stones to accompany your words too…

  5. Kathryn Ricketts Says:

    Thank you Celeste for your passion, generosity of spirit, and most of all, for your boldness.

  6. Watch Supernatural Says:

    Great post!

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