Bodypsalm for Writers


You don’t need to travel thousands of miles
to access the wild place
within and without you
fierce and tender are always within you.

Open up the windows
of your hips and home
And let spiritus rush through the salt and sweat
river, mud, and winds of your body’s terrain.

Dance in the rain and tears of your heart
wander in the joy rushing through your veins
and know here is the wild landscape
of sighs and silences.

There are a thousand epiphanies
waiting at your feet
be curious in the midst of your own becoming
and draw near to the infinite.

Write out of the mundane
mud, magic and mystery.
Spread the ink of your skin
and wear gestures and words as accessories.

Know your muse is waiting for you
and been here all along
Here is the time of the great ripening.