Bodypsalm for Creating in the Cracks of Life

Art Work by Dobee Snowber

Full Size Render by Dobee Snowber

Living boldly cannot be contained
presence asks to be listened to
drawn, danced, desired
in the cracks of life
if one waits to create ~
time will be finite

Seize the moment
for each second calls forth new colors
textures and poems, songs and stories
to break forth from the splits
in our busy schedules
of comings and goings, pick ups and drop offs,
emails and calls & important agendas

Create in the now
in small beauties
where ten minutes can transform a day
a turn of the heart towards art
is all it takes to see
again for the first time
and hear symphonies in birdsong
movements in waterfall

The pulsing body within you
asks for new hues in your life
break open the oranges and purples
celebrate green and yellows
let scars be imprints of soul
interruptions be compositions of wonder

Create in the cracks
and here lies words and worlds
the autobiography of clouds
formations of spirit
split into
one more possibility.

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2 Responses to “Bodypsalm for Creating in the Cracks of Life”

  1. marybeth Says:

    Hi Celeste,
    Thank you for writing a body psalm for me and so many others who crave your enduring spirit and passionate poetry as a reminder of who we can be, of who we once were. I am honored.
    Mary Beth

  2. Celeste Says:

    You are so welcome MB, and I am touched it moves you and by what you say, the creative
    spirit is within you in all you do, and there in your radiant face and love you continue to bring to the world in so many ways!!

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