Bodypsalm for a Knee Replacement and ….

Icon Spacer by Dobee Snowber

Icon Spacer by Dobee Snowber

What will be extracted

is no longer serving you

it has had its season

and needs a replacement

 give way to a new knee or hip or organ

even if it is metal it is sewn inside you

with a sculptor’s precision.

Infinite beauty resides in your body

wear and tear creates havoc with mobility

you are now offered a new knee

kneel to this new becoming and making

and know the short pain

will be a window into freedom

you are being recreated

with a new collage of materials

Release your old knee ~

who has held you for a very long time

and danced you into oceans of life

Bend into repair and rebirth

and let go into the unknown

where you will be remade

from the inside out.

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