Bodypsalm for Remembering back your Passion


“Burst 1 by Dobee Snowber”

Remember back the body
flames in the belly
calling one to live
as each day is the first and the last
Your life is a precious
entity of cells and blood
quirks and sentences of glory

Remember back the passion
don’t let the awe
slip from your fingers
toes, hips, pelvis and voice
Draw back into presence your own calling
for what you are meant to do and be
on this glorious planet
coupled with the paradox of terror and beauty

It is not only the earth
which needs greening
but your own precious soul
sometimes lost in the meetings, emails or laundry.

Door revised 1 by Dobee Snowber

“Door Revised 1” by Dobee Snowber

Remember back all of you
messy and unprecictable
veins pulsing with a hopefulness
to thirst for more.
Hunger is your spiritual director
Coming in all forms –
discontent or agitation

Press on to what is nudging you
breathing you back into
inhabiting your own body

The calling of your life
lies at the door
waiting for you.

2 Responses to “Bodypsalm for Remembering back your Passion”

  1. Leslie Stanick Says:

    another treasure of words opening a vast inner space….a timeless inward dwelling…a life force calling…these words flow me, call me…and I am grateful for their sustenance ~

    Thank you Celeste, for this beauty in truth ~

  2. Celeste Says:

    you are very welcome Leslie. I am glad it speaks to you…love that..timeless inward dwelling.

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