Bodypsalm for Lingering in the Questions

Artwork by Dobee Snowber

“Something about Fish and Bicycles”  Dobee Snowber

There is the pace of external circumstances
and then the pace of your internal life
running through you
at a different speed
calling you to attention
to linger in a time
where you catch the twilight
pouring into your window
and ride the heartbeat
of your own path

What would it mean to stop
the madness of rushing
or answering every email
in record time or finding the answer
to all the questions

What ever happened
to remaining in the questions
going for a bicycle ride
without a destination
swimming for the sake of swimming
questioning for the sake of questioning
and loving the process
of just breathing and living
without the answers?

Honor the tiny shifts
in a life where magic unfolds
incrementally and slowly
take kindness to your heart
and choose to relish in
in the questions.

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2 Responses to “Bodypsalm for Lingering in the Questions”

  1. Leslie Stanick Says:

    hello Celeste ~ your poems speak to the soft hidden places of my heart. I thank you for this tonight….lovely…


  2. Celeste Says:

    you are very welcome…may you continue to be nourished in those places in your heart. Celeste

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