Bodypsalm for Home


Photos by Wendy Wagner of Rebecca Lux-Parks & Celeste Snowber

Know this is not your home
but you live in-between
the stars, moon and sea
where you resonate
near edges and borders
shore of rocks and waves
land and river
the space with those
you practice love

Home is not a house
condo, villa or studio
but how you dwell
in each place of your life
there are as many spaces
as there are vegetables
and plant species.

Take comfort in unrest
and know we are all made
for something more
between particles and stardust
the living One is within
your chest and breast
and lives in the ache
of your longing to belong.


The world is temporary
but the love you know and feel
for daffodils and dance
children and creativity
friends and fauna
music and manna

Love breaks form
as you were made from dust
You carry the universe
within you
the mark of great longing.

Don’t be fooled
by quenching with false waters
Retire into the life
created from the inside out
an eternal home
a heaven within.

Know the earth
is inside and outside you
here is the space for taking care
of your precious essence.
Make peace with your desire
and be brave
to know you are enough
a home unto  yourself.

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