Bodypsalm for the Swimmer’s Life

Ascension-Twin VeilsArtwork “Ascension: Twin Veils” by Dobee Snowber

Release to each stroke
as a practice for life
let liquid suspend you
float into time
be renewed
in the water of existence
where floating
is a spiritual practice
and the rhythm of swimming
is the way
of daily baptism
where your concerns lie
in the past
plunge your limbs into the present
speed or slowness
does not matter
in the great pool
you are buoyed by lightness
muscles and joints are working
without strain
here is the metaphor
for traversing your path
with effortlessness
simplicity of backstroke
the sky is your focus
and repetition
is a hymn
to beginnings
of a gliding life
splashing into mystery
the body stretching
to the next moment.