Bodypsalm to dare to be real

“Another Ames” Art Work by Dobee Snowber

Life is not what it seems
appearances are radically different
than what I S
you hear it said over and over again
it is what it is
what is more important
you are here
fresh with the naked
vitality of being awake
to the glorious impossible
wrapped in the skin
of a new bud
fresh fallen snow
a glance of love
the boldness of honesty

Dare to be Real
to be who you truly want to be
the time is NOW
for announcing your true heart
n o compromise
in the ground of green earth
n o accommodation
for what you know is not true
stay near to the timbrel of your own voice

Find what truly animates
your deepest yearning
and know the closer you live
to your own pulse
the more exquisite you are
for here is your rare beauty
with all your imperfections
let the opposites be present
celebrate blue and orange!

The time is NOW
to live with all your
colors, hues and shades
of the uniqueness of you
Show up for your life
and let the real B E!

2 Responses to “Bodypsalm to dare to be real”

  1. Paul Cowhig Says:

    WOW! Beautiful Celeste, just lovely. Great words, gorgeous art work. I am thrilled to have had the pleasure and honor of association with you. Thank you for being so willing to share the real you, it’s delightful and it encourages and liberates a part of me that I have trouble revealing even to myself much less the world! 🙂

  2. Celeste Says:

    Thank you so much Paul for your delightful warm words…and I think I see a lot of the real you…and
    it is very beautiful!!!

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