Bodypsalm for Creating in the Cracks of Life

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Art Work by Dobee Snowber

Full Size Render by Dobee Snowber

Living boldly cannot be contained
presence asks to be listened to
drawn, danced, desired
in the cracks of life
if one waits to create ~
time will be finite

Seize the moment
for each second calls forth new colors
textures and poems, songs and stories
to break forth from the splits
in our busy schedules
of comings and goings, pick ups and drop offs,
emails and calls & important agendas

Create in the now
in small beauties
where ten minutes can transform a day
a turn of the heart towards art
is all it takes to see
again for the first time
and hear symphonies in birdsong
movements in waterfall

The pulsing body within you
asks for new hues in your life
break open the oranges and purples
celebrate green and yellows
let scars be imprints of soul
interruptions be compositions of wonder

Create in the cracks
and here lies words and worlds
the autobiography of clouds
formations of spirit
split into
one more possibility.

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Bodypsalm for a Knee Replacement and ….

Posted in LINKS on March 5th, 2015 by Celeste
Icon Spacer by Dobee Snowber

Icon Spacer by Dobee Snowber

What will be extracted

is no longer serving you

it has had its season

and needs a replacement

 give way to a new knee or hip or organ

even if it is metal it is sewn inside you

with a sculptor’s precision.

Infinite beauty resides in your body

wear and tear creates havoc with mobility

you are now offered a new knee

kneel to this new becoming and making

and know the short pain

will be a window into freedom

you are being recreated

with a new collage of materials

Release your old knee ~

who has held you for a very long time

and danced you into oceans of life

Bend into repair and rebirth

and let go into the unknown

where you will be remade

from the inside out.

Bodypsalm for Intuitives

Posted in BODYPSALMS, LINKS on February 3rd, 2015 by Celeste
Shadowplay by Dobee Snowber

Shadow Play
by Dobee Snowber

there are worlds beyond the one
you live in
beneath you in the magma
beside you in the wind
inside you in dreams

layers exist within the archaeology
of your heart’s knowing
sometimes it only takes a drop
of truth which resonates
to remember there is another way

where the answer to issues
is not another meeting
or change of direction, drive or data
but a turning to the inward pool of
an intuitive’s call

the researcher may look for data
but there is a data of the body
spiritsongs of the cells
beckoning the child in you
to come alive

there is a physical core one needs to stand
but an internal core
will light you through the shadows
break you into humility
and glow beyond
what is known

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Bodypsalm for Remembering back the Body

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“Burst 1 by Dobee Snowber”

Remember back the body
flames in the belly
calling one to live
as each day is the first and the last
Your life is a precious
entity of cells and blood
quirks and sentences of glory

Remember back the passion
don’t let the awe
slip from your fingers
toes, hips, pelvis and voice
Draw back into presence your own calling
for what you are meant to do and be
on this glorious planet
coupled with the paradox of terror and beauty

It is not only the earth
which needs greening
but your own precious soul
sometimes lost in the meetings, emails or laundry.

Door revised 1 by Dobee Snowber

“Door Revised 1” by Dobee Snowber

Remember back all of you
messy and unpredictable
veins pulsing with a hopefulness
to thirst for more.
Hunger is your spiritual director
Coming in all forms –
discontent or agitation

Press on to what is nudging you
breathing you back into
inhabiting your own body

The calling of your life
lies at the door
waiting for you.

Bodypsalm for Creativity

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Art by Dobee Snowber

“Intermix”  by Dobee Snowber

Art is a faithful lover
wooing us back each time
the missletoe of life
begging for a kiss
calling forth our attention.

Art always waits to be
caressed, loved into being
imagination is the great foreplay
union with the creative force
asks no more than this ~

make me
play with me
put my skin on
dwell in my terrain
a playground for the body and spirit
fingers and hips
words and notes

Be kissed with the star of creation
let go of any expectations
where I will take you
and prance with abandon
I can be trusted
and will not disappoint
always wait for you
as a patient lover
seeking to be born
over and over again
through your flesh
in your cells
with your tissues.

by Dobee Snowber

“Call it inbetween” by Dobee Snowber

You never know
what I will bring
and when the surprises
of disruption and birth
will be announced in your life

This is not a clean
straightforward path
but a spiral geography
turning from one curve to another
radical spurts of joy
spiced with tears
will moisten
the raw canvas of creation.

So take your pen and paintbrush
hands, feet, voice, and belly
and let me slow dance with you
to form the visible – the audible
from the invisible
and know this~
the act of creating
e n d u r e s.

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Bodypsalm for grace

Posted in LINKS on November 2nd, 2013 by Celeste


Know there is a flow

working within the vessels

of your life and blood

through each spiritual artery and vein

which has a current all to its own


you cannot stop the life stream

only enhance its surge

listen for the sound

of grace inhabiting

the map of your path


let what is unseen carry you

in its crest and

give into the wave

of the ebb and flow

of your own pulse


who knows where your journey will lead

or what you may discover

you are in a new chapter

 of your own autobiography

rewriting your own narrative

every moment you take a breath



Let the air breathe you

and allow the mist of the unpredictable

to caress your own plans

widen your embrace

of what is possible

it is in the impossible

where grace

will have her way

and find you once again

with an open heart

to touch the sky

and inhabit your dreams

 himilaya praise rev


Bodypsalm to dare to be real

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“Another Ames” Art Work by Dobee Snowber

Life is not what it seems
appearances are radically different
than what I S
you hear it said over and over again
it is what it is
what is more important
you are here
fresh with the naked
vitality of being awake
to the glorious impossible
wrapped in the skin
of a new bud
fresh fallen snow
a glance of love
the boldness of honesty

Dare to be Real
to be who you truly want to be
the time is NOW
for announcing your true heart
n o compromise
in the ground of green earth
n o accommodation
for what you know is not true
stay near to the timbrel of your own voice

Find what truly animates
your deepest yearning
and know the closer you live
to your own pulse
the more exquisite you are
for here is your rare beauty
with all your imperfections
let the opposites be present
celebrate blue and orange!

The time is NOW
to live with all your
colors, hues and shades
of the uniqueness of you
Show up for your life
and let the real B E!

Bodypsalm for Christmas

Posted in BODYPSALMS, LINKS on December 19th, 2012 by Celeste

Be dressed in the presence
of Christ within you
however you believe
or articulate your place on earth
and connection to the numinous
may this season of craziness
where everything one values
is turned upside down –
return to what matters


into the space

of incarnation
where word became flesh
and dwelt among you
and in you

the light within you
is greater than any shadow
even though you and I as babes
were formed in the dark of the womb
we are born into light

May this season
uncover tiny spaces
to be clothed once again
in the wider knowing
you shine from the inside out
and are held from the inside out

in emptying is fullness
and small gestures of kindness
and your presence
is Christmas gone wild

here is the fierce beauty
romancing you
to peace.

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Bodypsalm for the fruitful dark

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Daphne –  Strategies for Surviving Series (2012) by Dobee Snowber

Dare to live in the fruitful dark
where what you know
as wisdom and truth
is still entering  your bones
seeping into your pores
but  monkey mind
prevents the deep release
to accept what is

The fruitful dark
knows no time schedules
has its own winter
where the riotous roots of joy
are being steeped underground
hibernating in the folds of your body

You are more afraid of your projections
than what is truly real
feel each inch of sorrow
make friends with broken dreams
and wait for the larger dream
for your soul’s purpose
to be brought forth

Darkness and light are lovers
companions for the journey
become intimate with the night
and know your only task
is to stay with and
a b i d e
in the fruitful dark.

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Bodypsalm for Transformation

Posted in LINKS on May 22nd, 2012 by Celeste

Art Work by Dobee Snowber

You have more attachment to the idea
of how you think your life should proceed
or how you perceive
the relationship, project, family, or vocation
to be lived out
than you comprehend.

Observe what inspires you
can also inhibit you
in sustaining a flexible stance
to the art of shifting and shedding
changing and transforming
what your life is calling forth.

Have the vision
and LET Go!
No matter how many times
you cook a pasta dish
it comes out a little different each time
so will your own plans
for your life.

Be astonished
by your own journey!
Don’t judge
the appearance of things
it is only the surface of the dream.

The texture of deep nature
can be disguised
and requires the elements of
time, space, patience and compassion
to soften into the life
that wants to be lived in you.

It is time to
let your inner critic
take a vacation
and give monkey mind a rest.


How would you see your own life
if you didn’t make a judgment?
What if the inner critic diminished and
let life play out as it will?

M e t a m o r p h o s i s
is in the pattern of everything.
If the caterpillar judged the form it was in
how could a crawling creature
dare to become a butterfly?

Each stage is necessary
you are right where you belong
stay there long enough
for the natural evolution
of your own inner guidance to emerge.

There is a dance in gui/dance
and it comprises many movements
the contraction and release of creation
of the natural world
and your inner world
they are connected.

Both work hand in hand
foot to foot
to both stabilize and shake
your own plans and path.

Wait for the arrival
of quiet gratitude
to replace the anxiousness in your throat
and the soft belly of transformation
will rise through the bones of dormancy
and the muscles of the possible will awaken

is the sanctuary of small miracles
and this is your life.