Bodypsalm for Existence

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Artwork – “Shift in Direction” by Dobee Snowber

In a time of distancing
retreat to the interior
wake to existence
imbued with birdsong.

Underneath the visible
lies a wellspring of reserve
bordering the invisible.

Drink the nectar
sweet liquid of the infinite
where the soul can blossom.

Even in the midst of sorrow
inside our deepest yearnings
we are pollinated by love.

Imperfect prayers
nested in the body
are a portal to the holy.

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Bodypsalm for Winter Solstice

Posted in BODYPSALMS, LINKS on December 20th, 2019 by Celeste
by Dobee Snowber

   “The queen’s chair” by Dobee Snowber


Sit on the mat
of your own imperfections
constellations of longing
brew beneath winter
the ripe darkness


You are not separate
from the earth’s spinning
she is within your cells
calling forth tenderness
from tissues of vulnerability


Listen in the shadow
embrace the disruptions
attend in the unknown
here is a companion

The stars of your own turning.




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Bodypsalm for the flesh knows the truth

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      “The space between” by Dobee Snowber

The body knows
when its been violated
cheated from its own voice
the terror, looks, stares, unwanted
touches, violence, penetrations
without consent
horror multiplied within the skin

The skin knows the heart
what lies at the truth
of the untouchable
a heart aching – long
after the event
lasting a lifetime

The flesh knows truth
cries out often
for what occurred in the tissues
Now is the time
to let the body

Proclaim the real
spirit and body are not separate
partners in creation and creating

Let the body have its way
wisdom defies gravity
Here is a hunger
beyond rhetoric
held in the cells

Now is the time

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Bodypsalm to Dare to Create

Posted in BODYPSALMS, LINKS on November 16th, 2017 by Celeste

Artwork (Transitions I) by Dobee Snowber

Write what you dare not write
create what you dare not create
places hidden in your bones
where longing and aches reside
 your dreams long to arrive
to be massaged to birth

Throw your critic out
let it reach into the recycling bin
where it transforms to compost
for the wonder of your own stories
honour your tears, joys and disappointments
only mourn for not showing up
for your deep truth and beauty
where health and wholeness
celebrate each thread of life

Listen to the impulses of your fingers
 agitation in your feet
 spread wide your toes
to touch ground and sky
the garment of your own yearning

This is yoga toes for writing
living, breathing into the unknown
Let your discomfort
be a sign that you are going
where you have not gone –
an all inclusive to what is possible

Show compassion towards yourself
 fall free to the winter
of your own passage
 know you are called
to only be real to whom you are
This alone is enough.

Bodypsalm for Persistence

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Dobee_Jan2017_medium-9624 copy

“Last Stop” by Dobee Snowber

Here is a time
to make, do, and be
art in impossible times
Voice the invisible
in every way you can
paint, dance, sing, write, act
and most of all speak and play
all that is rising within you
the red bold beauty
of being deeply alive
in all our sorrow and joy

Now is the time
to be true to what lies beneath
the surfaces of things
Art and living artfully
are the catalyst
to shift, change, and transform
energy to matter
matter is our mater
mother of creativity

Be still and shout out
persist and resist
always create
Your presence
is called for.

Bodypsalm for compassion

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"Firefall" by Dobee Snowber“Firefall” by Dobee Snowber

And in all this ~
shadows and light still dapple
in the sky, the river
keeps going, effortlessly
faithful to its source
and destination

so how can you and I
keep on our path
stay true to our original question
the call to be deeply alive
responsive to what is given
on this exquisite planet
in such difficult times
fraught with destruction and disaster

so choose YES
to what we deeply know
embedded in our cells
there is a soft sky within us
glimmering with colour
may it rise to the surface
and echo com/passion
with passion, being with all
held in the sentences of our skin.

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Bodypsalm for Writers

Posted in LINKS on May 20th, 2016 by Celeste


You don’t need to travel thousands of miles
to access the wild place
within and without you
fierce and tender are always within you.

Open up the windows
of your hips and home
And let spiritus rush through the salt and sweat
river, mud, and winds of your body’s terrain.

Dance in the rain and tears of your heart
wander in the joy rushing through your veins
and know here is the wild landscape
of sighs and silences.

There are a thousand epiphanies
waiting at your feet
be curious in the midst of your own becoming
and draw near to the infinite.

Write out of the mundane
mud, magic and mystery.
Spread the ink of your skin
and wear gestures and words as accessories.

Know your muse is waiting for you
and been here all along
Here is the time of the great ripening.

Bodypsalm for Writing from the Body

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Image by Dobee Snowber

“You CAN have it all”  by Dobee Snowber

Call back your body to the page
the pulse, breath and passion
residing in your cells
sitting on your skin
waiting to come forth
from pores to words

Know each sensation
is syllables of the belly
even agitation is a comma
each heartbeat is the rhythm
yearning to articulate
through the muscles of your fingers

Let physicality take you
to the studio within
where stories are ancient and primal
and love them all into being
here lies the hymns of your body
pronouncing themselves
to respect each flutter and fragrance of your senses

This is more than common sense
but body sense
the paints for your canvas
notes for your song
movements for your dance
bold creation awaits
you are your body
and your body wants a voice.

Bodypsalm for Creating in the Cracks of Life

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Art Work by Dobee Snowber

Full Size Render by Dobee Snowber

Living boldly cannot be contained
presence asks to be listened to
drawn, danced, desired
in the cracks of life
if one waits to create ~
time will be finite

Seize the moment
for each second calls forth new colors
textures and poems, songs and stories
to break forth from the splits
in our busy schedules
of comings and goings, pick ups and drop offs,
emails and calls & important agendas

Create in the now
in small beauties
where ten minutes can transform a day
a turn of the heart towards art
is all it takes to see
again for the first time
and hear symphonies in birdsong
movements in waterfall

The pulsing body within you
asks for new hues in your life
break open the oranges and purples
celebrate green and yellows
let scars be imprints of soul
interruptions be compositions of wonder

Create in the cracks
and here lies words and worlds
the autobiography of clouds
formations of spirit
split into
one more possibility.

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Bodypsalm for a Knee Replacement and ….

Posted in LINKS on March 5th, 2015 by Celeste
Icon Spacer by Dobee Snowber

Icon Spacer by Dobee Snowber

What will be extracted

is no longer serving you

it has had its season

and needs a replacement

 give way to a new knee or hip or organ

even if it is metal it is sewn inside you

with a sculptor’s precision.

Infinite beauty resides in your body

wear and tear creates havoc with mobility

you are now offered a new knee

kneel to this new becoming and making

and know the short pain

will be a window into freedom

you are being recreated

with a new collage of materials

Release your old knee ~

who has held you for a very long time

and danced you into oceans of life

Bend into repair and rebirth

and let go into the unknown

where you will be remade

from the inside out.