Bodypsalms are openings for us to deeply listen to words that hold the intention of our own depths, and call us back to living in our own skin.  I write these in the tradition of the psalms, which extend from lament to ecstatic living, but are both an asking and listening at the same time. I have written them or they have written me out of the particularities of my own life, but I firmly believe that we live storied lives and we find each other in our collective stories.

Over the years I have introduced my undergraduate and graduate students to writing bodypsalms as well as participants in workshops. They have become a deep place of listening to the pulse of life, the place to nourish body and soul and a way for the universe to hold us and rethread the beauty in the tapestry of our lives.

Rooted in the senses, and the connection of the sensuous and sacred I offer these as a way of opening into your own life and a space to dwell into your own yearnings.