Bodypsalm for Internal Weather

Bodypsalm for Internal Weather

Listen to the breezes
of your own soul
the weather of your own heart
has its seasons and sometimes
all in a day – melancholy cobalt blue,
ecstatic fiery orange, calm forest green
the whole palette of the rainbow.

You’ve noticed the magnificence
of rainbows after tropical rain
carving an arc of wonder
across the breath of sky
in the tropical air it is a daily occurrence
but home it is intermittent
yet never loses its raw beauty
all the colors are necessary to sip astonishment

The hues of your own internal weather
make up the gorgeous of you
if you could look from afar
you would take notice
but you are often to close
to the emotion to honor its
place in the arc of your own rainbow

So when the grief is there
let it be, with all it pungent
taste rolling through your tears and bones
know your ability to grieve
is your ability to drink joy
and when joy comes, let it dance
in the feet of your heart
and honor its ability to build
red fire in your sternum
and when melancholy comes
let the blue sadness draw
you into the garden within
and let cobalt silence soothe you
and when your despair
greets you at the door knocking
know that des/pair has a pair
a twin, which resides in hope
if not felt it underpins
the longing for the invisible

and it is the invisible
which calls your attention
summoning up all the colors
to be formed in a canvas
which is your own unique life

Praise be for internal weather
that reminds/rebodies you
to the reality that what is wider
holds you in the winter of your woes
and sustains you in the fall of your freedom
and seeks always to listen
with the beat of the Beloved
to cherish  all the ways
we are alive to
the life-force running through us.

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