Bodypsalm for ThanksBeing

Blue shadows

Let go of all your expectations
about the way you think life should be
where you should live, work, play
how things will  unfold
or how many pounds is ideal
for your perfect weight,
or the perfect work space,
footwear, friends, food or family
or how much you should or should not have in the bank
or in loans, debt, or all the shoulds rolled into
one  BIG  s h o u l d

Throw all the shoulds out
put them in the recycling bin
to be transformed into another object
and OBJECT as a verb
instead of count objects

This is wisdom
Nothing ever turns out as you think
it is always different
sometimes worse
and more magnificent than you could have imagined

Live with VERBS
Gratitude is not a one time act, a date on the calendar
it is a way of life
a way of living
that centers with a turning towards
what is really life giving
that is giving life back to yourself
giving in thanks
thanks in giving
thinking as thanking

Stop everything
and smell, taste, see, and touch
what beauty really lies
at the table within and before you

What would it mean to live without judging –
yourself or others
cast off your critic
and celebrate you have the ability
to touch and be touched

Find the absolute outrageous love
of being alive
and not having your tasks done
or agendas finished
and drop your hands
open your sternum and chest
get ready for the mystery
that is knocking at your own bodysoul

be in gratitude for what you seldom notice
and see there is wonder here too
all shades belong

recognize we are all part of this complexity
from where stars are borne
and where we shine
grow downwards
to extend your heart
and dance your way
into the next step
which is calling you
to simply
not give thanks
but  B E  thanks.

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  1. Cheryl Kay Says:

    thank you for BE ing and for writing this…

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