Bodypsalm for Winter Solstice

by Dobee Snowber

“The queen’s chair” by Dobee Snowber

Sit still in your own wonder
a constellation of your heart
is brewing beneath time
a season of the fruitful dark
is upon you

You are not separate
from the earth
and she is within your cells
calling for a tenderness
one made of bone strength
and fragile fingers of hope

So listen in the shadows
and embrace the disruptions
sit still in the unknown
here is a dear companion
the stars of your own turning.



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One Response to “Bodypsalm for Winter Solstice”

  1. Diane Hobelaid Says:

    I love these Celeste – the imagery makes my imagination swirl into creative possibilities, my fingers twitch for pen and paper! And I want to move word into being.

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